Why Choose Fly Ash Bricks?

The use of fly ash bricks in construction is motivated by several factors. Not only are they durable and resistant to moisture damage, but they also offer excellent thermal insulation. Moreover, their uniform size leads to less usage of mortar, thus reducing construction costs.

Comparatively, fly ash bricks are considered better than normal bricks due to their higher strength, less water absorption, and environmental benefits. They are also safe as they don’t contain any toxic materials.

However, starting a fly ash brick business in India requires careful planning. It’s important to consider factors like the availability of raw materials, machinery, labor, and understanding the market demand.

Rajratan Industries Private Limited, a leading manufacturer of Fly Ash Brick PAC® Pallets in India, is committed to producing quality products that align with these standards. Our PAC® Pallets, composed of industrial-grade plastics, Aluminium Oxide, Fibres & XLP metals, offer durability and resistance to harsh environments.

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